At JNP you work with a world-class producer, composer and musician who has custom recording gear – not a facility that hires its space out to multiple people.



Great people make great records, not special recording equipment.  Successful artists keep working with producers that they know can help them get the sound that they want – it’s not a particular collection of gear that they keep working with.



Knowing how to perform for a song, or how to get the best out of a performer is why our work sounds so great



We can work with artists anywhere in the world – all we need is an smartphone recorded audio clip or video of you singing your song.

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We create records that compete with those made in LA, NY, London, Nashville – wherever.  Records we make sound good because of the preparation and processes that we use before the red button is pressed.  We use an old building phrase – ‘measure twice, cut once’ before recording anything.



There are lots of established ways to record various instruments, but we don’t think there are any rules.  If something sounds good, it is good – regardless of how it was achieved.



All studios have great gear, but knowing how to get the most out of a piece of gear is more powerful than just owning it.

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If you have recorded at home or at another studio, a high-end mix can drastically improve the sound of your final result.  We mix records for people all around the world, and offer an easy-to-use service on this site.



It takes a very experienced pair of ears and excellent decisions when balancing the spectrum to achieve a great mix.  If you’re struggling to get that with your home recording, or from another studio, let us know – we’d love to help.



We have flat rates on a per-song basis and we generally mix unattended.  This means you can send us your mixes (via Dropbox) from anywhere in the world.

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Please see our Service Agreement for details about the requirements of working with us.  Read Now


When releasing music, many people underestimate the impact a professional image can have.  You have to convince people to listen to your music, particularly in today’s market where there are so many artists.



In addition to having a recording any label would be proud of, you need to look the part.  We partner with Lix Creative (and have done for about 10 years) for all artwork, websites and marketing design work.  Together, we can make you look and sound on the same tier as those on labels, without being tied to a contract.



    We care about your music, so we don't master in-house - we send it to specialised mastering studios with a second set of ears. Depending on your genre, there will be several options. We've spent years narrowing these down to the best places around the world.


    We can hook you up with the right people to market your music in the territory you are wanting to reach. This includes advice on social media campaigns and which options work the best.


    We can help you release your music on all major digital stores worldwide for download and streaming. You never know where your biggest fans will come from.


    The JNP Client Forum is where we discuss your projects - before, during and after you are in the studio. It allows you to keep an open line to us well beyond the end of the process for any industry advice that you might seek.



Please note, due to quality control, we do not accept work experience placements and we do not hire anybody.
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