By arriving at the studio on the first day of your booking

you agree to the following:


Fees and Rates


  • Our flat rate services assume a solid standard of playing in order to progress through takes in reasonable time.  Professional preparation is expected.  We offer our own in-house session work for free to help with this.
  • If the speed of the process is unreasonable, JNP reserves the right to request further fees or cancel remaining time.  JNP will provide full stems of what has been recorded until that point and a pro-rata refund for cancelled time. (this is an extremely rare outcome).


Any service may be cancelled with full forfeiture of fees if any of the following events occur:


  1. Wilful damage to our equipment or chattels.
  2. Inappropriate workplace behaviour – the JNP studio is our workplace, respect it.
  3. Smoking or drug use on the premises (smoking outside on the driveway is totally fine).
  4. People not contributing to the process attending sessions without prior consent of JNP.




  1. Recording and the copyright therein made at JNP and fully paid for remain the property of you unless (2) applies.
  2. If song writing services are provided, JNP and you will enter details into APRA’s database that will outline the percentage of contribution for the song(s) in question.
  3. JNP will provide you with stereo mixed and/or mastered versions of your songs.
  4. JNP performs backups, but after recordings have left the studio and the project is complete, JNP is not responsible for continuing to store your project.
  5. An additional fee applies if you want all of your multi-track/stem files exported for your project as this is time consuming for us to prepare.
  6. JNP retains the right to use your tracks on its various websites, social media and any profile pages for the purposes of showcasing results in the studio.
  7. JNP requires that you morally acknowledge our recording, production, mixing and mastering services on any work you release or promote.



JNP and its contractors and agents are not liable for any damage, theft or injury to you or your property whatsoever, howsoever caused whether on the premises or on a remote site, and whether undertaking in recording or otherwise.


Any damage or injury to the premises, equipment, staff, contractors or agents caused by you due to negligence, intent, mishandling or theft will be paid for by you or your insurance agents.


Please treat the venue with respect!