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Our service can take songs from stripped back versions to full band sounds, often without hiring additional session players.


James can play all instruments in the rhythm section and session his work is included in the production price.  This is because it as it makes our job easier to have very well played parts.


JNP can write music and parts for anything that is missing in your song structure.


We can also push singers to convince listeners of the sentiment in their song.


We can also write a song for you, or write music to accompany lyrics/melody that you have written.



Here is an example of James playing all instruments for a client’s acoustic based song.

Here is an example of a solo pop artist who had some basic chords figured out the piano but needed help with the rest of the instruments and all the production ideas.

Here is a duo – a guitarist and singer, who couldn’t line up a drummer and bass player for recording and rehearsing, so we hired a session drummer and James played bass on the track.  Plenty of input from us on this one, but the core of the song is pretty much exactly as written at home.


We generally try to attend a rehearsal or two if you are working on an EP or Album with us.


JNP offers full pre-production and discussion/analysis process prior to hitting record.


Because James plays drums, bass, guitar and piano, he is able to communicate to players in technical terms and ways they can understand.


At JNP, we create a positive environment and enjoyment during the process.  This includes an open environment for discussion of new and old ideas.


Because of our experience, we can get the best out of different personalities in the band.  It’s important these are heard as it’s our personalities that make great records.



Here is an example a classic rock band who came through the studio and needed guidance with extra parts and fine tuning existing parts to make sure the sonic spectrum was full. 

This band did an EP with us and had very clear ideas about their tones/sound and direction.  All we had to do was make sure everyone played their part to the highest standard for the best outcome.


We’ve been making beats for clients all over the world since the early 2000s.


We offer custom beat writing in these genres to standards that you may not expect in Brisbane.


We can discuss the concepts and themes of your song/rhyme and create a piece of music that matches those sentiments.


With this approach, you are able to have music matching content that you want to sing/rap about, rather than trying to write lyrics to a pre-determined vibe.


Like all our services, this is charged at a flat rate and you own the beat at the end of the process as well.



This beat was made a few years ago for a NZ artist who wanted to incorporate orchestral elements with synths in a high-energy track.

Here’s a beat we wrote for a client who also needed a chorus/hook written and a female artist to perform it.  We arranged for this to happen as well.


Please note, due to quality control, we do not accept work experience placements and we do not hire anybody.
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