At JNP you can take your songs to the next level no matter what kind of artist you are, what genre you write in or what stage your songs are at before coming in to our studio.


Whether it’s production, mixing or mastering, we want the same thing you do – a piece of art that we can be proud of.


Working with singers, rappers and singer-songwriters is made easier as our in-house session playing is included in all of our production rates.   This also means that when we work with bands we’re able to collaborate with each instrumentalist from the perspective of a fellow player.


Our recording studio process is positive and inclusive. Ideas are discussed openly and all relevant avenues are explored.  There are countless ways to make a song sound great, and we’re always going to provide our professional and creative advice – but we strongly believe that the songs you leave with need to be yours.


JNP is no one-trick pony when it comes to genre. We’re equally as capable working with folk and rock as we are with hip-hop and EDM clients.


We can write beats from both coasts, heartbreaking piano parts, ear bleeding guitar solos, soaring orchestral arrangements and chill AF synth vibes.  The era doesn’t matter – just play us some references and we can pull it off.


All music runs through our veins.


We make records that can compete with those made by the big name studios in LA, NY, London, Nashville – anywhere.  Our work sound good because of our experience and the preparation and processes we use before the red button is pressed.  We live by the old carpenters’ adage  – ‘measure twice, cut once’.


There are lots of established ways to record various instruments, but at JNP there’s only one golden rule: if something sounds good, it is good, regardless of how it was achieved.


Most studios have great gear, but knowing how to get the most out of what goes into that gear is everything!


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Mixing music is very similar to playing an instrument – it takes years of dedication to the craft to be able to make any genre sound full, wide and rich.  There are no shortcuts in this often misunderstood part of the process and our ears are primed after 20 years mixing music professionally for artists from all over the world.


If you have recorded at another studio, or you are not located in Brisbane, we can still help improve the final sound of your product by offering a high-end mix.


We often do this with recordings that were done at other studios where the engineer might be great at tracking but lack the experience or craft to take that final, important, step.


It’s also a great way to improve any home-made recordings or productions – especially in electronic music genres where pretty much everything can be done inside the computer.  Beatmakers and EDM producers send us their stems regularly to step up the sound ready for release.


In recent years we have started mastering our own work, and offer mastering as a separate service.  We had previously opposed this idea as out-sourced mastering involved an extra set of ears to cross-check our work and specialist gear for mastering.



However due to our calibrated, two subwoofer Genelec system and the release of some new technology in this space, we are able to accurately analyse, compare, reference and tweak tunes in ways that allow us to now confidently offer high-end mastering.


Songs we’ve mastered can be heard on radio (including Karise Eden’s Australian #1 Independent Single ‘Gone’).



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