New Gear: Pultec EQ

In 2013, along with restoring the first guitar I owned (1966 Gibson SG), building an LA2A and various other projects still to be finished; I built a Pultec EQ.


IMG_3488I’ll post again soon with some pics of the SG – it’s been a project that a lot of clients have been watching with interest.


It’s the Grandaddy of all EQs.  It’s packed with 4 transformers (built by Sowter UK) and 3 tubes.  That’s quite a bit for one channel. It’s very basic with two bands: bottom and top.  It sounds good on just about everything at just about all settings.  It runs on 550V!


The original Pultec has been used on countless records over the years and has been modelled very well by UAD for a software version.  We have both of course … as with many other outboard greats.




The Pultec is great to track with and slap onto things like vocals and kick drums in a mix.


Of course, as with all of our high-end gear, it has to be used in the right hands to be used well!