Welcome to the JNP online mixing and mastering portal where you can upload your tracks, add notes, choose your service and view the total price for your project before proceeding to checkout.


Rates will be displayed towards the end of the process when you choose the services you’re after.  At this point you can elect to pay by PayPal or Direct Deposit (PayID/Osko for Australian clients).


Once your project and files are approved, confirmation and instructions on how we proceed will be sent to the email address you register with.  If there is anything that prevents us from proceeding with your project we will get in touch promptly and provide a full refund.


Please check the terms below as they will provide all the info you need to understand the process and a few tips to help make everything run smoothly.


Find out more about our mixing service here.

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  • This portal is for unattended mixes only (contact us for in-person rates)
  • Max 6:00 minute song length (contact us for a larger quote)
  • Max 48 tracks in the song (contact us for a larger quote)
  • Max 3 instruments (no drums) for ‘Acoustic Mix’
  • All mixes include 2 minor mix revisions
  • All correspondence via the JNP Client Forum




  • A document with any notes (taste/style/reference mixes etc)
  • Include the BPM (or tempo map via a MIDI file)
  • Include the key/chords of the song if possible
  • 24 bit WAV files (we generally work at 24bit / 48khz)
  • All files should start at the same point
  • All non-critical effects / panning / EQ / faders bypassed
  • Critically important effects like eq sweeps, risers, specifically timed delays or panning etc should be printed.
  • If you have already done a mix yourself (or had one done elsewhere first) please include this just in case we need it for direction.




  • We can usually turn mixes around within 2 weeks, but if we can’t we will let you know and you can decide whether to proceed or receive a full refund.
  • If you have a deadline, let us know in the form above and we will let you know if we can make it – if we can’t you can decide whether to proceed or receive a full refund.
  • There is a ceiling that we can achieve in the case that a poor recording or production idea hinders the mix.  We will let you know before starting work if this is the case and you can decide not to proceed with a full refund provided.
  • We can add re-amping / new instruments / new ideas into your production if you like – just contact us to find out how much extra that might be.
  • The files we provide are at 24 bit mix level (ready for mastering) and also at finalised mastered level.  We do not charge extra to provide the ‘mastered’ version, so you can confidently go to release with these files immediately.