JNP Cube

In December 2014, I bought a Nissan Cube at auction in Japan.  I’d fallen in love with them on one of my trips to Tokyo after watching heaps of them drive down Yasukuni Dori in Shinjuku.


I love Japanese stuff generally (particularly guitars made in the Land of the Rising Sun) and bringing one home to Australia seemed like a great way to have a piece of Japan at home. The Cube’s chassis is small, but it has an incredibly large interior space for carrying gear.


A few months ago it landed in Brisbane and now it is ready to cruise around town.


It features red leather seats, red interior parts and a really cool custom wrap designed by Lix at Lix Creative (whom you can have design your album cover, of course!).  It was installed by the lovely guys at Alpine Signs here in Brisbane.


I’m really stoked with the design and how it manifests on the car.  Look out for me driving around Brisbane and give me a honk if you see me!


(But ahh .. keep your eyes on the road folks.)