AKA Album

This year I’ve had the pleasure of working with QLD based hip-hop act AKA for his debut album “Product of Australia”.

AKA (Dave) writes some beats at home and has worked with producers in LA and in other parts of QLD prior to coming to JNP.  He came to me wanting to improve the music he’d brought in, to have me write some music, as well as adding session playing (bass, guitar, keys, drums) to the equation to come up with a unique sound.  I played bass, guitar and keys and we employed Steve Pope to play live drums on several tracks.

We’re all really happy with the result and feel that his record represents something that is not being done in Australian hip-hop.  True to the genre’s roots, we’ve mixed in some funk and rock elements to create a hybrid of real and synthetic sounds.

AKA’s “Product of Australia” will be out soon.

[soundcloud id=’22795563′]