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A music production, mixing and recording studio in Brisbane. James North Productions. High end results, world-wide focus.
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James North is an award winning producer, engineer, composer and musician based in Brisbane Australia with over 20 years’ experience.


He works with clients from all over the world from the JNP studio and composes music, writes songs and plays drums, bass, guitar and piano/keys in all genres.  


James also composes and produces music and songs for TV shows and films on major networks including the BBC, Nickelodeon, HBO, NBC networks in the US, UK, Europe and Canada and has works published with Sony/BMG, Warner and several other libraries.


Most JNP clients have ended up with regular airplay on national and international radio networks.


The JNP studio was established in 2003 and houses a lot of gear handmade by James.  It’s a balance of high end instruments, microphones and vintage recording equipment with digital technology for speed and quality.


James is passionate about helping to get the best result for an artist and their songs, and enjoys working with both novice and experienced performers equally.


We’ve narrowed our network down to these people.

They provide the best results for our clients.

Lix North


Artist, illustrator, designer. Queen of music industry graphics. Over 15 years experience creating killer album artwork and promotional graphics for labels, and independents.


We recommend Lix’s high-end work to all clients to ensure that there are no weak links in the chain when it comes to release your music.  Check out more of her work at Lix Creative.

Mark Henman Drummer

Mark Henman is a drum clinician.  He has played with countless acts over the years (including Bernard Fanning, Resin Dogs, Toni Childs).  His uncanny ability to play anything from jazz to hard rock is very unique and the main reason we value him at JNP.  He brings great enthusiasm and is always highly professional with his approach to session work.


We recommend Mark to any artists who require top-flight drums regardless of genre.

Steve Pope


Steve has been our main drummer for over a decade. He now lives in Melbourne, but flies up for clients when needed. Has played with some big cats (Kate Miller-Heidke, Darren Hayes, Angus and Julia Stone and more).


We recommend Steve to any solo artists or duos requiring stellar pop sensibility or rock power.  He’s an extremely experienced session player.

DD Horns at JNP

Danny is our go-to brass man. He works with us from his own studio in Los Angeles and has some amazing credits to his name (Snoop Dogg, Regina Spektor, Bernard Fanning, Brooke Fraser and many more).  


David is the man for reeds and has a similarly impressive resume.   He generates an impeccable tone and composes in such a way that keeps the song the main focus of the production.  Any artist requiring horns on their project will find Danny and David’s work to be mind-blowingly good.  

Our favourite guys from the UK to work with.  These guys are very conscious of dynamics and deliver consistently good results for any modern music.


We recommend them to clients wanting modern sounds.

Eric Conn is an experienced master of classic sounds. He has mastered records by all the great Nashville artists.  He’s got a really great set of ears and is a wise man!


We recommend Eric to clients who are seeking vintage/classic sounding masters.


We’ve negotiated great rates and a great working process with these artists.  


And we searched the world to find them!


p: 0409 617 194       e: studio@jamesnorth.productions

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Please note, due to quality control, we do not accept work experience placements and we do not hire anybody.