James North is an award winning music producer, mix engineer, composer and musician based in Brisbane Australia with over 20 years experience working with solo artists and bands – including artists with chart topping success.


Many JNP clients experience regular airplay on radio networks and major playlists along with chart accolades – including The Voice 2012 winner Karise Eden’s track ‘Gone’ becoming the #1 independent single in Australia within days of release.  Others have gone on to sign publishing and label contracts after completing their projects with us.


Records and songs that James has produced at the JNP recording studio have been feature albums on ABC Radio and Triple J, and many have won or been nominated for various awards over the years.


With Karise Eden

Working with local artists within Australia and artists all over the world from the JNP Studio, James is also a session musician, playing and writing parts for guitar, bass, keys and drums on numerous studio recordings.  As a result, solo artists can complete projects without needing to hire external session musicians, and band members can work with someone who truly understands their instrument.


With Kahl Wallis (The Medics)

James has also composed music and songs for TV shows and films on major networks including the BBC, HBO, NBC and other networks in the US, UK, Europe and Canada and is published with Sony/BMG, Warner and several other libraries.


After beginning on the piano at age 5, James progressed to studying jazz on the guitar and expanding as a player to bass and drums during this time. He played and wrote with several touring acts across multiple genres in the late 90s and early 2000s before opening the JNP studio in 2003.

I've got love for all genres of music and really enjoy helping people get the best result for their songs. It's equally as satisfying working with artists who are new to the process, as with label-signed veterans.


The JNP recording studio was established in Brisbane in 2003 and fitted out with high-end outboard gear handmade by James.  We pair great instruments, microphones and vintage recording equipment with the latest in digital technology.


We’ve got 24 channels of pre-amps (Neve, API, SSL, Millennia, Hardy) and use multiple rackmount interfaces from UAD’s flagship range.  Our mics have been chosen over 20 years of trial and error and we utilise some of the latest tech including the Kemper Profiling Amp and UAD/Townsend’s groundbreaking L22 Sphere.


We monitor with Genelec ‘The Ones’ with two Genelec subwoofers.  All four speakers are perfectly calibrated to our room so translation is never an issue.


On the instrument side we have a rare Australian made Brady fibreglass house drum kit with various Paiste and Zildjian cymbals, about a dozen electric guitars, some acoustics and a beautifully balanced Kawai upright piano. We have plenty of top-notch sound libraries ranging from banging analog 808 samples to famous synths and a high-end orchestra that is right at home in a blockbuster film.


When we need specialist instrumentalists like horns, cello, violin, pedal steel, accordion etc. we work with our go-to friends and peers from all over the world – so you may end up working with Snoop Dogg’s trumpet player, some of Nashville’s finest, or a member of an iconic British act.  The players we choose to work with always want the same thing we do – the fulfilment of creating a great track!


These days, we use PreSonus Studio One as our DAW of choice.  It allows us to work extremely efficiently and provides all the tools and processes for us to compose, produce, record, mix and master music in the one powerful digital workstation.


We have everything you need, and nothing you don’t.


In terms of amenities, we offer quality wi-fi, a good sized fridge, a kitchenette and bathroom.  There are plenty of great cafes/restaurants nearby to get your food/coffee fix.


We operate 10am-5pm Monday to Friday and break around 1pm for lunch.  In our experience, long day/night sessions in the studio are often counterproductive. We make the most of solid day sessions so everyone stays refreshed and can perform at their best throughout the duration of the project.