2016 Releases

We’ve had a bunch of number 1s made here over the years and 2016’s first is Bella Grace‘s single ‘Benevolent’.  It topped her genre on iTunes this month.  It’s a beautifully performed piano ballad that I arranged strings for in mid January.


This year sees the release of a number of great records produced at at JNP in recent times.


Sometimes release turnarounds are very quick, but if a lot of services are required, creating an album or an EP can be quite time consuming.  We always err on the side of quality at JNP, so our general advice is to make sure everything is exactly as it should be before creating dates for launch gigs, release dates and interviews.  This is how it has always been done at record labels who care about the sonic and visual representation of their artists.  It is a very competitive industry, so it’s important to put your best foot forward as you often only have one opportunity to make an impression.


In 2016, albums to look out for include Ana Marina‘s ‘Haunted’ (classical/pop), Cherie Csikos‘ ‘I Know Who Holds Me’ (gospel/pop), Levi Kane’s debut record (hard rock) and if I can line everything up, I may even release my own collection of songs for the first time.


Here are a few samples of these records:

Levi Kane

Cherie Csikos

Ana Marina