2014 Female Artist Focus

2014 was a huge year for JNP and we worked with a heap of bands, solo artists and duos from January to December.


One thing we noticed however, is that this year, we worked with the most female artists that we ever have.  Great news for the under-represented women of the music industry.


We also noticed that all of these projects were really good.


Here are some of the female artists we’ve worked with in 2014 whose releases you can look for in 2015.



Sarah Rae Meharg


JNP - Sarah Rae MehargSarah worked with us for her album “Bon Vivant”.  Her tunes are written on acoustic guitar and piano and have their roots in punk, soul, hip-hop and rock.  I played guitar, bass, keys and percussion on this one and even managed to squeeze in some low-pitched backing vocals to mix it with Sarah’s rich vocals.  Hollie Smith and Gwen Stefani come to mind when her record is on.


The result is a 13 track beast of an album that is best described as soul/punk.  There’s a bit of everything genre-wise and it features horns provided by Danny T. Levin in LA and drums from Steve Pope. Photos and album art for Sarah’s record were provided by Lix Creatve.  This one was mastered by Fluid Mastering in the UK. Watch out for this great album in 2015!

Kate Heart


JNP - Kate HeatKate Heart is a Brisbane based singer whose EP is a fresh synth/pop sound with a folk base.  All of Kate’s songs are written on an acoustic, but their manifestation in the studio employs some dance elements and modern techniques.


The result is something pretty unique and her vocals soar over a solid rhythm section including myself on guitars, bass, keys and synths and Steve Pope on drums.


Kate also has a few themes and messages in her music that mean a lot to her, so it was great to be part of the process.


Artwork will be done by Lix at Lix Creative and it’ll be out in 2015!


Ana Marina


JNP - Ana MarinaAna Marina is a much-loved and respected Australian soprano who, amongst other roles, has assumed the role of “Christine” in “The Phantom of the Opera” countless times around the world.


Knowing she was already a technically great vocalist (and an equally great person), her challenge to herself was to put an album together of half original songs for a creative outlet and half cover songs that meant something to her.


Featured on this record is myself on piano, guitars, bass and synths, Steve Pope on drums and Kathryn (cello) and Andrew (violin) from Angel Strings.


The result is a 10 track album with atmosphere, down-tempo vibes and dark tones.  It’s haunting and beautiful, and it’ll be coming out in 2015 as well.  We’re looking forward to helping Ana Marina make this release happen and can’t wait to see her break the shackles and dive into the original music scene.

Briana Ives


JNP - IveyBriana performs under the name “Ivey” and is a piano playing singer / song writer from Rockhampton.  Her tunes tell stories and range from down-tempo ballads via some rock and up to upbeat danceable tunes.  Bri has a powerful voice and we think that the music backs it really well.  There’s a bit of Tori Amos and Adele in her sound.


I played guitar, bass and helped with synth parts on this EP that we tracked together in November.


We look forward to helping Bri release her first EP in 2015 and think you’ll be hearing more from her around the country when her live show really takes off.

December Baby


pmQP_89iDecember Baby is a singer / song writer who writes on and plays the piano.  She grew up in Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast.   Her tunes are generally pretty upbeat and contain a bit of dark humour and some observations on life.  It’s a great combination with her deceptively sweet vocals.  There’s a bit of Lilly Allen and Little Birdy in this EP and we think it’ll go down pretty well.


DB played piano and I played the rest (drums, bass, guitars, synths, percussion) on this EP and we’re both really happy with how it’s turned out.  This one is pretty fresh and was tracked in December.  We look forward to helping DB release her first EP into the wild.