1966 Gibson SG Restoration

Over the last few months, I’ve spent some time taking my 1966 Gibson SG from unusable to stunning!


It’s been hanging up in the live room for quite a while gathering dust … getting a little rusty … and generally becoming unplayable.  The SG was the first guitar I owned, given to me by my uncle Ian who was in a few bands (including “The Five”) in his time that had top 10 singles.


Firstly, I sanded the guitar back and then applied vinyl sealer and clear lacquer.


I replaced the bridge, tremolo bar, tuning pegs, pots/jack/wires and sanded it back to its natural mahogany for a natural finish.


Its original colour was a dark brown, but the lacquer was in poor condition.  Overall, was a really fun project and I’m now enjoying playing it a lot more.  The SG an extremely versatile guitar, and probably gets boxed a little for open chord rock (AC/DC style) because of Angus’ amazing playing.  It does jazz and blues nicely too.


The pickups are the original “Patent Number” pickups from Gibsons of that era.  They’re pretty rare and truly sound unique.  I cleaned them up as well as re-soldering all of their internals.


I used original Gibson parts (not because of quality … but just to keep it authentic due to its age).


The result is fantastic.  It’s never played this well or sounded this good!